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Partnerships with talented artists, historians and hundreds of passionate individuals helped build the remarkable Collections under the curation and care of the City of Boise. It’s never been so easy to browse and search the City’s growing collection of Art, Archives and Historic Artifacts. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please allow us to help.  

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The Boise City Archives contains historical records that span more than a century. While staff work diligently to provide appropriate descriptions, some images, words, and views represented in our collections are those of the creator’s and/or reflect attitudes of the time and place; they do not necessarily reflect those of the City of Boise. Additionally, links to other websites, organizations, or institutions are not an endorsement by the City of Boise, but serve as supplemental information to support further research.

The City of Boise is proud to be a welcoming community striving to ensure a safe, equitable, and inclusive city that celebrates the diversity of the people who live, work, and play in our community and recognizes the fundamental human dignity of all.

While we make every reasonable effort to be as accurate and error free as possible, mistakes still occur. If you encounter inaccurate information or errors, please reach out to us at artsandhistory@cityofboise.org and include a link to your discovery along with your concern and/or observation. Thank you for your help!