The Boise City Archives welcomes inquiries from individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and associations concerning donations of Boise City related materials. 

Why we collect 

A local archive is the archive that is closest to home. It is where records that trace the development of the city live.  A well-maintained local archive informs our present and can guide our future.  Not only do our historical records help shape policy, but they also offer a sense of place allowing us glimpses into the lives and organizations which make Boise unique and an understanding of how these stories fit within the larger historical narrative.   

What we collect 

The Boise City Archives (BCA) maintains two separate repositories, the municipal archives, and the donated collection archives. The municipal archives consists of direct transfers of publicly accessible, city-created records which serve as the documentation of city government actions whereas the donated collection archives are comprised of personal papers, business, organizational, and association records with ties to Boise’s diverse history.  Records can be in a variety of formats including paper, photograph, scrapbooks, negatives, slides, reels, tapes, VHS, maps, blueprints, and digital.   

To preserve Boise City’s history, the BCA focuses on five areas of collecting: 

Governance in Boise

Records or artifacts related to City leadership, urban planning and development, transportation, and other notable public works carried out by the City of Boise.  Examples include: 

Work in Boise

Records or artifacts related to the economic base of the City including business, labor, scientific, and technological development. Examples include:  

Life in Boise

Records or artifacts related to the community, cultural and social diversity, domestic life, neighborhoods, recreation, and special events. Examples include: 

The Natural Environment of Boise

Records or artifacts that document the Boise River, plants, animals, and the natural environment—particularly as they relate to the history and development of Boise. Examples include: 

The Built Environment of Boise

Representative historic objects and archival materials related to architecture, urban planning, parks, and other developments that tell the story of the expansion and transformation of Boise’s built environment.  Examples include:

If you’re interested in finding a home for your history, please fill out a donation submission form and staff will follow-up. Or email to connect with staff.